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RFP Writer

RFP writer

Does your staff have time to respond to RFPs?

Your sales team spends 78% of its time doing something other than selling. Are you surprised? It’s true! Your sales staff gets trapped in activities that just don’t relate to their job: selling! How much more productive could your sales staff be if you gave them an extra 5-6 hours per week?

With an experienced RFP writer supporting your sales team, your staff can spend that time expanding your customer base and opening new markets. Having an experienced RFP writer on call can enable your business to:

  • produce well-written and effective proposals
  • deliver high quality customer service to your existing customers
  • flexibly respond to RFPs when the time is right for your business
  • respond to more than one proposal at a time
  • control the RFP process without exhausting your staff
  • expand your new business capacity cost-effectively

I specialize in creating RFP writing for technology and technology-related services, telecommunications products and services, business-to-business services, and staffing. I have specific experience in responding to RFPs for public purchasing programs at the federal, state and municipal levels.

Why your business should be responding to RFPs

RFPs give you the chance to become a trusted provider of products and services. Many government solicitations are set aside specifically for small businesses and disadvantaged businesses. Successful proposals can provide diverse income streams for your business, and small businesses are often a preferred supplier, because they can deliver a level of flexibility that larger respondents can’t.

Unfortunately for small businesses, in-house RFP writing can mean a significant investment of effort, time and cost. Many small businesses don’t have the staff resources on hand to respond to solicitations, even though they could easily perform the work, or provide the desired products. In addition, RFP responses require consistent oversight to ensure timely and complete response submission.

Working with an RFP writer

A professional RFP writer can help you respond to RFPs, manage tight deadlines and take advantage of exceptional business-to-business sourcing opportunities. As a freelance RFP writer, I can help you maximize your staff resources, reduce or eliminate the need for your staff to divert their efforts from other important tasks and allow your organization to compete effectively for new business by creating your RFP responses.

If you would like more information about working with an RFP writer, or you want help with an RFP response, please contact me today.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth French