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Sales Support

How much time is your sales team spending responding to requests for quotes? What kind of sales support would they benefit from?

For small businesses, creating timely quotes can be exceptionally challenging, especially when your sales staff also needs to:

  • generate leads
  • develop new customer relationships
  • qualify prospects
  • make sales calls
  • meet with prospective customers
  • support existing customers
  • prepare sales presentations
  • close deals

Why you should consider sales support services

According to Pace Productivity, a Toronto-based productivity consulting firm, activities like writing sales quotes can absorb between 10%-15% of a salesperson’s time. That amounts to about 8 weeks per year. While providing quotes is a necessary part of sales, creating them also takes your sales team away from the income-generating activities they were hired to do!

Do you really want your sales team to sacrifice 10%-15% of their time on low-level activities? If some sales support would allow them to focus more time on the most likely prospects, how much more could your sales team accomplish by having someone else write the sales quotes?

Julie’s Ocean can provide sales support services, including:

  • affordable, freelance sales support during your busiest sales cycles
  • competent, professional sales support when you need your sales team to be most productive
  • temporary sales support during staff transitions
  • extended staffing capabilities without the need to hire a permanent employee

By working with Julie’s Ocean, you can give your sales team the sales support they need. You can also provide customized, professional and well-written sales quotations that really respond to prospective customers’ needs, while at the same time, you can free your sales team to do what they do best!

If you would like more information about my sales support services, and how your business can recapture productive time for your sales staff affordably, please contact me at eileen@juliesocean.com to set up a consultation.