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Sales Writing

It happens more than you would like to admit. A potential customer asks for a quote, but with all of the other tasks that your sales staff has to attend to, finding the time to draft one is difficult. Do you pay overtime? Do you hire additional sales staff? Do you let the quote requests pile up? No matter what you do, your choices slow your response time – which your prospect can’t help but notice – and quickly reduce your opportunity to make a sale.

“Just Looking!”

Adding to this frustration are the “window shoppers.” They want cost information, but they’re not prepared to make a decision, or they’re just collecting information for other decision-makers in their organization. Do you ignore these potential prospects? Even if they’re not the ones who sign on the bottom line, early in the sales cycle, they have more influence over the decision-maker than you do.

Seasonal sales? Short on staffing? Just starting out?

When it rains, it pours! If your selling is seasonal or you have a small sales staff, you may need some additional help responding to quote requests. You don’t want to hire another employee, but you need some support on an occasional basis.

I can help. I can support your sales staff by creating sales quotes quickly and efficiently. This allows you to respond to prospective buyers earlier in the sales cycle, and it gives your professional sales staff more time to spend on nurturing the likeliest prospects and closing sales.

For more information about my sales support services, please contact me or call (734) 961-0408.