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Creating a proposal response library

If a significant portion of your business cultivation strategy includes responding to RFPs, you may want to consider creating a proposal response library. A proposal response library can allow you to streamline the response process, as long as you use your library carefully. The concept of a proposal response library assumes that most issuers will […]

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Proposal writing: the cost of responding to a RFP

Putting together a response to a Request for Proposals (RFP) takes time. As the old adage says, “Time is money.” But what is the actual cost of responding to a RFP? How much weight should that carry in your decision to respond or not? What is the real cost of in-house proposal writing? In the […]

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Proposal writing: creating a realistic proposal calendar

There’s nothing worse than finding the ideal RFP for your business, only to find that the response is due in three days. Pulling together a winning proposal response takes time and effort. Unfortunately, the best proposal writing in the world can’t save a hastily prepared response. Managing the proposal writing calendar is one way to […]

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Finding work: identifying good proposal opportunities

In my observation, businesses take a funny approach to responding to government proposals. On one hand, delivering products and services to the government is a lot of work. Fulfillment includes not only delivering goods, but also completing a lot of paperwork before, during and after the sale. On the other hand, government contracts can be […]

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RFP? Try a freelance proposal writer

For many small business owners, responding to an RFP represents the opportunity for new business. It also represents a major effort that you or your staff may not have time to complete. So how can you respond to an RFP while still getting the rest of your work done? Try outsourcing your RFP writing to […]

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