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Yes, you need research!

Yes, small business owners need research!

Yes, small business owners need research!

Small business owners tend to discount research as something they either don’t need or they just don’t do. Sadly, a little research is often exactly what small business owners need. Good decisions come from a good understanding of the issue. The “Shoot first, ask questions later” approach to management usually turns out to be unproductive or expensive. More often, it’s both.

Research can help you avoid costly mistakes

Unless you’re looking at a growing fire, immediate action often produces an undesirable (or less than optimal) result. Fortunately, most decisions don’t require immediate action! Why not take some time to learn a bit more about an issue, and contemplate the ideal short-term, medium-term and long term results you’re looking for?

There’s no doubt that it feels good to pull the trigger on a decision. It’s off your plate, right? Actually, only the good decisions are off your plate. The bad decisions will come back shortly. In fact, they might come back several times. In the end, you’ll spend far more time correcting a bad decision than you would have spent had you taken the time to research the issues related to it.

Time is always an issue. Most business owners delve into an issue because they either don’t have time, or don’t recognize the significance of their seemingly inconsequential decisions. Having someone to do the legwork for you allows you to access the information you need without having to spend time you may not have.

Julie’s Ocean Writing Consultancy can provide research services for small business owners. Considering adding a product or service line, but you need more information about the marketplace? I can conduct initial assessment for you, and help you discover the opportunities and risks associated with your plan.

If you’d like more information about how you can apply research to your decision-making process, please contact me at eileen@juliesocean.com.

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