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Category: Copywriting

Writing web scripts

Video is very effective as a marketing tool, and can be incorporated easily into a website. Video is most effective at “showing” something, so demonstrations are a prime application for video. Discussions and interviews can also be engaging content, and can work well in a video marketing strategy. What kinds of video presentations need web […]

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Yes, you need research!

Small business owners tend to discount research as something they either don’t need or they just don’t do. Sadly, a little research is often exactly what small business owners need. Good decisions come from a good understanding of the issue. The “Shoot first, ask questions later” approach to management usually turns out to be unproductive […]

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Communications Plans: What are they?

In simple terms, communications plans are strategic documents that describe your chosen strategy for communicating to your audience. They can be limited in scope to one specific initiative, or they can be a general roadmap for communicating to a broad audience under a variety of circumstances. Communications plans are goal-oriented Good communications plans are goal-oriented. […]

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Website Copy v. Elevator Pitch: The winner is…

Most people have heard the term “elevator pitch.” It’s a short and to-the-point sales pitch. If you ask people to tell you how long an elevator pitch should last, they’ll say, “About 30 seconds.” The term comes from the idea that a person can “sell” a really good idea in the course of an elevator […]

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Surveys: Using Them Well

Surveys have been around forever, and with good reason: they give you direct, immediate feedback from the people you want to hear from. If you’re not using them to gather feedback, you could be missing out on prime opportunities to open new markets, strengthen or expand your product lines, or improve customer service delivery. Here […]

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Are white papers viable?

At one time, white papers were a “go-to” research tool, valued by vendors and prospective buyers alike. Today, you’re much less likely to find white papers, and less likelier still to find white papers that serve their traditional purpose. What is the value of a white paper, and why are they disappearing from the B2B […]

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