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Category: Marketing support

What goes into a good case study?

In the last post, I discussed case studies and how they can be part of your content marketing strategy. In this post, I’ll look at case studies again and discuss how you can make them useful to your readers. A case study support the investigators With regard to your content marketing strategy, what gets the […]

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Press releases in your SEO strategy

A press release can be an excellent vehicle to introduce a new product or service, spark interest in a Web site, or inform readers about changes. Press releases provide information about a newsworthy item, whether it is an event or an announcement. As an SEO tool, press releases can provide one or more backlinks to […]

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Are white papers viable?

At one time, white papers were a “go-to” research tool, valued by vendors and prospective buyers alike. Today, you’re much less likely to find white papers, and less likelier still to find white papers that serve their traditional purpose. What is the value of a white paper, and why are they disappearing from the B2B […]

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Content based marketing in 2016

While you may have only recently heard the term, there’s nothing new about content based marketing. Content based marketing is the creation of materials that are designed to attract and retain customers. For example, it’s not unusual for a food producer to create a free cookbook or distribute free recipes that naturally feature the company’s […]

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