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Email marketing done right can drive sales

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your small business won’t benefit from email marketing. Email marketing is currently one of the most effective ways to build your business, if you approach it correctly. Tips for a successful email marketing program Most business owners associate “email marketing” with spam. If you don’t use an email […]

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What goes into a good case study?

In the last post, I discussed case studies and how they can be part of your content marketing strategy. In this post, I’ll look at case studies again and discuss how you can make them useful to your readers. A case study support the investigators With regard to your content marketing strategy, what gets the […]

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The case for case studies

Marketers are all about content-based marketing because customers are all about content. The division among these two groups comes about when the content supplied by marketers doesn’t meet the needs of customers. Which, if you ask the customers, is about 95% of the time. So where do case studies come in, and what is their […]

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Yes, you need research!

Small business owners tend to discount research as something they either don’t need or they just don’t do. Sadly, a little research is often exactly what small business owners need. Good decisions come from a good understanding of the issue. The “Shoot first, ask questions later” approach to management usually turns out to be unproductive […]

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Marketing plan: A key tool

A marketing plan is one of those strategic documents you won’t want to be without, even though you can conduct business without one. No one is going to refuse to do business with you if you don’t have a plan to market your business, but having one can help you save time, effort and money. […]

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Job Descriptions That Work

Ask any person who has applied for a job in the last year – the job market is different than it used to be. If you’re an employer, don’t make the mistake of thinking that applies only to candidates. The job market is different than it used to be, no matter which side of the […]

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Communications Plans: What are they?

In simple terms, communications plans are strategic documents that describe your chosen strategy for communicating to your audience. They can be limited in scope to one specific initiative, or they can be a general roadmap for communicating to a broad audience under a variety of circumstances. Communications plans are goal-oriented Good communications plans are goal-oriented. […]

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Press releases in your SEO strategy

A press release can be an excellent vehicle to introduce a new product or service, spark interest in a Web site, or inform readers about changes. Press releases provide information about a newsworthy item, whether it is an event or an announcement. As an SEO tool, press releases can provide one or more backlinks to […]

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Business Blogging Part 2

In my last post, I discussed the basic value of business blogging as a tool to drive traffic to your website. In this post, I will discuss blogging frequency and how business blogging compares to other traffic creation strategies for your website. Why business blogging beats other traffic strategies Business blogging is superior to other […]

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The value of blogging

You’ve heard about it for years, but what value does blogging bring to your website? Are the benefits different than other tools to drive traffic to your website? How often do you need to publish to reap the benefits of blogging? Blogging has multiple benefits for your website Blogging can be a key part of […]

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